Revd. Lizzie Hopthrow

You may like to hear how much your prosthesis has changed how I feel, physically and psychologically. You came with such a good range of products and sizes that it was easy to find something that really suited me. The difference between your prosthesis and one that I had been supplied with at the hospital is like chalk and cheese! The one I had caused me so much discomfort after a couple of days I found I was unable to keep wearing it. And that led to me feeling less able to meet members of my family and friends. But the Impressions prosthesis is so light and comfortable I can just wear it and wear it. And the bra you gave me is also the best I have found. It fits so well and is really comfortable. I can’t thank you enough.

Revd. Lizzie HopthrowImpressions & Partials
Barbara S.

Recently I was fitted with the new Sublime prosthesis from Trulife. It’s amazing how natural it feels. As a 62 year old bilateral mastectomy survivor, I chose not to undergo reconstruction. I can’t say enough about this new product. It feels natural, cooler and lighter in weight than my other forms. It fits snug in my Trulife “Barbara” style bra and allows no creeping up the chest. Did I mention how natural it feels? Thank you Trulife for this new product line that makes me look and feel like the woman I was.

Barbara S.Sublime
 Helen Lewis

My reconstruction was great to begin with, but then I had to have radiotherapy and that made it shrink. To start with I used an impressions partial which was fantastic! I loved it as it felt so natural and breathed! Unfortunately as time has gone on, again as a result of further post radiotherapy shrinkage and also some weight gain, the asymmetry has increased so I have now switched to a Trulife Triangular Partial. I feel confident wearing it and it means no one can see me looking “wonky”!

Helen Lewis Impressions
Susan M. USA

This is by far the best prosthesis I have had, and I have had a lot over the last 10 years. From the heavy pocket kind to the self adhesive kind. Being that I have lymphedema in my right arm I am happy to have one that is so comfortable and I don’t have to stick it to my chest wall. I can wear it with my own bras or with the pocket bras. I give this prosthesis 5 stars.
Thank You

Susan M. USASublime
Ellen Patterson

I am a 15 year survivor and certified mastectomy fitter. When BodiCool was introduced, I tried one of the triangle forms. At the time, I was playing golf in 90° heat. It was very comfortable and performed exactly like its press releases suggested. It is significantly cooler than other forms that I have worn. I also work out in a gym and walk about 3 miles daily and there is a noticeable difference between BodiCool and other breast forms. The pocket of my bra was not soaked when I finished whatever activity I was doing. There were no beads of sweat sitting on my chest wall. From my husband’s perspective, the BodiCool passes the hug test. I truly enjoy wearing the BodiCool prosthesis.

Ellen Patterson BodiCool
Barbara McKinnon

My name is Barbara, I’m 49 years old and a survivor of stage IV Breast Cancer. After a bilateral mastectomy and due to complications, I was only able to have reconstructive surgery on one breast. Fortunately I had a retailer in my town that carried the Trulife product line of bras and prostheses. The BodiCool breast form from Trulife has made a big difference in my life. It’s light, cool, easy to wear and a perfect fit. BodiCool feels like it was just made for me!

Barbara McKinnon BodiCool

Thought you would enjoy this photo wearing my Active Flow!

I feel so blessed to be alive to celebrate turning another year older and to have kicked Cancer’s Ass.

Spent the day on the trails of Mt Spokane for my birthday!

Dyantha E. USA

Impressions 101 and 210 Barbara Bra

“Trulife gives me comfort with style & confidence!”

Dyantha E. USA

Dyantha E. USAImpressions 101 & 210 Barbara Bra
Ramona Hertzell

I own a mastectomy boutique in North Carolina and one of our favorite items to fit and sell is the Active Flow by Trulife. The reason is because in the nightwear with the built in leisure bra it gives the perfect drape and balance to match the existing natural breast. The same thing is true when wearing this form in the swimwear. This form relaxes and drapes just like a natural breast does. The beading allows for a natural feel to the wearer, also. We sell this form continually for these reasons.

Ramona HertzellActiveFlow
Nancy Kay

I am really pleased to present the new BodiCool prostheses to my customers. I find the BodiCool products not only easy to fit, but the customers find them most comfortable. And here in South CarolIna, they will fully appreciate the cooling technology.

After all, what are the two biggest complaints? Heat and weight… I feel this product takes care of those!

Nancy KayBodiCool
Kris Beard

I want to take this opportunity to thank Trulife for introducing BodiCool prostheses. I began selling them in December of 2009 at my annual Holiday Open House Event. Since that time we have sold dozens and every woman who purchased one is delighted. The forms are everything we hoped they would be. We even had a customer come in and ask to be fit with the “air conditioned” prosthesis. The BodiCool is terrific and sells itself.

Kris Beard BodiCool
Angie Rounds

We’ve received positive feedback from many clients who decided BodiCool is exactly what they have been looking for. One client said she’s “overjoyed” with her new BodiCool form. She said it had been years since she had surgery for breast cancer and she thought sweating and having her bra stay wet all the time was just something she would always have to deal with. Now she has worn her BodiCool form for about 6 weeks, and she is actually looking forward to the summer!

Angie RoundsBodiCool
Janet V.

I love wearing Trulife’s Lana bra, which is feminine.

It gives a lovely shape.

It’s comfortable to wear all day.

Janet V.Lana Bra